Subdecay TremCoder MkII

Veteran US builder of creative guitar pedals (that work great with synths as well) Subdecay just posted a teaser of their upcoming tremolo’s 2nd version: the Subdecay Tremcoder MkII.

The new version, larger than the previous one with an almost square footprint, has preset functionality and is fully MIDI compatible.

The biggest improvement in the features department is the expansion of the programmable sequencer, which was also present in MkI but through spartan functionality, while now boasts 32 fully (and more easily) programmable steps, facilitating tremolo patterns more creative and unusual than your regular LFO cycles.

Needless to say, the Tremcoder can also do regular tremolo effects (in Trem mode) using 10 different LFO waves, synchronizable to your songs via the Tap Tempo footswitch.

There seems to be a lot more to this pedal than advertised in this short video, but this is all the info we have at this stage.

Subdecay TremCoder MkII, Builder’s Notes

[Coming Soon]

Subdecay TremCoder MkI

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If a tremolo trembling to the oscillations of a sine wave is just not enough for you, you may want to give the new Subdecay Trem Coder. With just three knobs (Shape, Depth and Speed), this stereo pedal gives you an incredible variety of options for waveforms and tap divisions. The Shape knob can also activate two Sequence banks programmable through the Speed knob, and the footswitch functions at once as on/of and tap tempo trigger.

The output jack is stereo, and therefore requires a Y cable to feed two amps.

Here are a couple of videos of MkI.