The Surfybear Metal is a real spring pedal that replicates the tones of vintage reverb pans with great accuracy, and it’s considered by many as the best recreation of a Fender 6g15.

It features useful controls like a Volume (to make up for lost volume when the effect is on), a Mix knob to perfectly set the amount of reverb and Tone control.

The Dwell knob sets the amount of signal sent to the springs, causing a more intense reverberation that builds up faster at higher settings.

At 17.5″ in width, this is no small device – guitarists with space problem may want to look into its smaller (but by no means “small”) brother the Surfybear Compact.

We added the Surfybear Metal to our article about the best spring reverb pedals.

Surfy Industries Surfybear Metal, Builder’s Notes

The Holy Grail of guitar reverb effects, the Fender®-style spring reverb, has been finally revisited with modern features!
Try it and discover why most surf guitarists and the truly reverb addicted are turning to SurfyBear.

? exclusive SurfyPan type-4 spring reverb pan by Accutronics® and Surfy Industries

? aluminium body with removable feet on the bottom side for better positioning on pedalboards

? clean boost to adjust the volume when the effect is on

? innovative dual-LED on/off button

? true bypass functionality to keep your signal intact when the effect is off

? external footswitch possibility though the dedicated 1/4″ jack (footswitch not included)


The controls are the same as in the original Fender® 6G15®

the amount of effect

the balance between “dry” and “wet” signals

how bright or dark the sound is

the level of the output signal


Size: approx. 44 X 17 X 8 cm (17.5 X 6.5 X 3 inches)