Pedal geeks on a constant quest to conquer their dream distortion try (and buy) pedal after pedal in search of “the sound in their heads.”

EQ pedals might sound like a boring option in the pool of exciting devices available out there, but they are actually a powerful tool in widening your pedalboard’s palette or bringing out new subtleties out of your old effects.

This classic video from a few years ago by Brian Wampler demonstrates how some popular BOSS gain pedals can be fine tuned with the help of a simple – and utterly affordable – graphic EQ stompbox.

Needless to say, EQ pedals with more bands or more surgical parametric optionsĀ open up even more possibilities.

Brian highlights 6 ways you can use an EQ to widen your sonic options, here’s the list to help you navigate the video:

1. EQ after OD to color it (boost bass & treble, tame mids) – 2:35
2. As a boost – 4:40
3. Boost into an OD/Distortion to get more gain – 5:00
4. A tighter boost before the OD/Distortion – 5.52
5. Always on on a clean tone
6. Run it into the amp’s effects loop to sculpt its distortion channel. – 8.30
7. Get a better sound at quieter volume – 10.45