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KHDK is a name that’s gathering more and more attention in the world of stompboxes. The Scuzz Box is their take on fuzz.

From the manufacturer’s site:

The Scuzz Box shines in two distinct modes: Scuzz and Fuzz. The Fuzz mode is your go-to, highly listenable sound with top-notch fuzz. Designed to shine through and stand out, this mode is perfect for soloing and long wailing tones, clear enough even for power chords.

The Scuzz mode is where this pedal gets gnarly, dangerous and unpredictable. It delivers a velcro-type gating fuzz with a highly distinct ripping texture and an 8-bit tone.

The Buffer eliminates unwanted oscillation and helps retain clarity, reducing passive signal loss in longer cables. We’ve made it truly bypassable for easy access. – More info here.

Check out the latest video by Gearman Dude, and the other popular one by Pete Thorn underneath