Designed in collaboration with Grammy-winning guitarist Cory Wong, the Wampler Cory Wong Compressor is an interesting new take on the compression pedal that expands the device’s functionality to make it a fully-fledged dynamic-shaping tool that can tame (compress), push (boost) or prolong (sustain) your tone at will.

It’s at heart a dual compressor/boost pedal, with each effect featuring its own (soft) footswitch.

Voiced after the MDX Strat boost style circuitry loved by Eric Clapton, the boost circuit offers a single rotary knob to control the amount of gain (Boost) and a Mids/Flat switch that delivers clean or a “mid-humped” gain (at around 550Hz), always useful to stand out in dense mixes.

The compressor includes a full set of controls, including Attack, “Sustaaiin” (i.e. a combination of release and decay), but also a Blend knob that allows for parallel compression, which allows reintroducing some of the clean signal’s original dynamics into the compressed one, and a Tone control for some tone shaping. A Volume knob allows making up any of the signal invariably lost due to the compressor’s signal reduction.

A Comp On switch on the side panel permanently engages the compressor circuit, de facto bypassing the Compressor footswitch, while the left panel features an XLR Output and a Ground Lift that allow the pedal to be plugged in direct into a PA or a console.

Here are the videos!

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Wampler Cory Wong Compressor, Builder’s Notes

Cory Wong is a Grammy-nominated artist renowned for laying down some of the finest grooves across all genres. The Wampler Cory Wong Compressor is at the heart of his legendary tone. More than just a Compressor and a Boost pedal, this dynamic toolkit shapes your tone with sparkling cleans and responsive compression either direct to your amp or straight into your recording interface. Prepare to find the funk!

The Wampler Cory Wong compressor features two soft footswitches that operate each function of the pedal. For the Compressor side there is also complete control over Volume, Sustain, Attack, and Blend as well as Brian Wampler’s signature Tone control which can be dialed in to add sparkle and chime to your guitar’s tone.

For the boost side there is a single rotary boost control that adjusts the amount of boost activated and a profile switch that sets the mode of the boost circuit from a flat boost to a rich saturated boost with an extra vibrancy around the 550Hz range. The Blend control controls the amount of dry and compressed signal in the compressor circuit.

The Compressor is operated by the independent “Compress” footswitch on the left, the LED will turn green when active. The Boost is controlled by the independent “Boost” footswitch on the right and the LED will turn blue when the boost is active. This particular boost was based on the classic MDX Strat boost style circuitry (once favored by Eric Clapton). When both sides are active, the LED turns Rainbow white. On the right hand side of the pedal there is a “Comp On” switch which permanently engages the compressor circuit when depressed – useful for a live environment where you want to really just stomp down for boost. The left hand side has an XLR socket to go direct to a PA system or mixing board, and a “Ground Lift ” switch which can be used to eliminate unwanted ground noise.

The Wampler Cory Wong Compressor delivers all of this with the premium build quality Wampler is known for.