Wampler Mofetta (Mostortion-Style)

The Wampler Mofetta is not the latest device inspired by the Ibanez MT10 Mostortion overdrive/distortion, (here’s are other recent ones), a pedal known for producing a variety of tones (and love/hate feelings).

Brian Wampler gave the circuit the treatment it got us accustomed to with all his dirt boxes, enhancing the tonal range, dynamics, and functionality.

Released in 1990 by Ibanez as part of a budget pedal series the MT-10 gained a reputation for its particularly sweet low-gain tones, which most people attributed (incorrectly) to its MOSFET Op-amps.

The Wampler Mofetta delivers the goods of the original (classic, amp-like overdrive, massive headroom, and versatile 3-band EQ) and goes beyond by actually leveraging those MOSFET Op-amps by re-routing them through the overdrive section. This delivers a more articulate and bold tone.

Hear the sound of this pedal in the videos below.