foxrite west germany tremolo mutant fuzz slider pic1

North London pedal (hand)builder Fredric Effects specializes in stompboxes that are small in size, simple in use, tastefully decorated and reasonably priced.

They recently announced three new pedals – check out the demos below!

The ‘West Germany Vintage Tremolo‘ is a classic tremolo effect, rich with with warmth and musicality. It reworks the classic West German pedal, with a simple MXR-sized enclosure, a flashing LED rate indicator, and a improved depth control. Its warmth and smooth waveform (not choppy or stuttery like some other trems) makes this tremolo akin to that found on vintage Fender amps.

The ‘Foxrite‘ is a clone of the late 60s Silicon Mosrite Fuzzrite. It is a reconstruction of the original circuit, improved with the addition of a boost stage to bring the volume up to modern expectations. The Foxrite is a uniquely abrasive effect – offering sounds from garagey distortion to full-on octavey, velcro-ripping fuzz.

Lastly, the Mutant Fuzz is an updating of the fabled Os Mutantes Regulus VIII fuzz pedal. Similar in topology to a silicon Fuzz Face, but with a more gritty and trebley character, this pedal is pretty much a straight clone with some added power and RF interference filtering – so it won’t pick-up the radio like the originals sometimes do. The level of gain is fixed, although you can roll back your guitar volume pot to clean it up a little. The tone control is a switch for hi/low. The hi setting sounds very 60s, whereas the low is positively doomy.