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DOD pedals have a place in the heart of many guitarists into extreme distortions. Founded by Mr. David Oreste Di Francesco in the 70s, the company in the span of a few decades created a multitude of pedals effects of all kinds, but became well known mostly for its heavy distortion stompboxes – some original ones currently sell on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. DOD was eventually bought by Harman/DigiTech, and in the 90s, when digital multi-effects  became DigiTech’s main focus, the line of DOD pedals slowly faded into oblivion.

But analog stompboxes, in the most unexpected of twists, are back in fashion again, and DOD is returning with a vengeance. DigiTech is reintroducing two of the most revered pedals of their line – the Overdrive Preamp 250 and the Phasor 201. Both models retain all the sonic character of the originals while incorporating improvements like true bypass, 9V power adapter jack and other refinements.

The Overdrive Preamp 250 keeps the original’s ripping, crunching tone, tons of boost and ability to push an amp into the edge of breakup, but with cleaner output than the original, while the familiar yellow finish has been upgraded to a two-tone metallic flake and matte black paint job.

The Gain knob controls the amount of distortion from just a touch of grit to all-out grind, while Level dials in anything from a subtle enhancement of body and girth to huge amounts of boost for standout soloing. While the original would color the sound even when off, the new pedal’s true bypass makes the Overdrive Preamp 250 far more performance and pedalboard-friendly.

The Phasor 201 was one of the first phaser pedals ever made, and the new Phasor 201 brings back that classic analog phaser “swoosh.” The new pedal has true bypass, a crisp blue LED indicator, 9-volt power supply input and sleek two-tone metallic flake and matte black finish. Like the original, it’s simplicity itself to operate – just one knob to control the speed of the phasing effect, with great sounds at any range.

The DOD pedals – together with about 250 other pedals – will be available for free testing at The Deli’s Brooklyn Stompbox Exhibit 2013! RSVP here.