Master Effects Transmission

Bassists (and also guitarists) obsessed with Joy Division and New Order should rejoice! The Master Effects Transmission Preamp is based on the preamp circuit found in the vintage Yamaha BB1200 basses utilized by Peter Hook, who played in both bands.

Hand-assembled in Calgary, Canada, and featuring high-quality components, this pedal replicates that instrument’s onboard design by adding power filtering for more seamless integration with other pedals.

It features the same controls for Boost, High, Mid, and Low, but adds a switchable output boost to compensate for cutting EQ settings or to take your amp to the edge of break up.

This is a pedal that works well on guitar too, in particular when you boost the mids, which makes your tone stand out in a dense mix and can create a pleasing crunch tone.

This new version also shrinks the effect to a compact size.

Master Effects Transmission Preamp, Builder’s Notes

The Transmission Preamp pedal is based on the preamp circuit found in the vintage Yamaha BB1200 basses that were made famous by Peter Hook from Joy Division and New Order.

The preamp is based on the original on board pre-amp with slight modifications to make it pedal friendly such as power filtering.

?Controls include: Boost, High, Middle, Mid, and Low. The 3-band EQ is identical to the circuit which was on the original basses. We also added a switchable output boost circuit to the pedal to help compensate for any volume drop that may occur if some of the frequencies are cut in the EQ section or it can be used as a volume boost for solos.

Although the preamp is intended to be used with bass, it also functions exceedingly well on guitar. Boosting the mids gives your guitar tone a great mid-boosted crunch. Couple this with the Boost feature and you’re got an amazing clean boost pedal.

The pedal uses a standard boss-style 9V power supply and can be run at 18V for additional headroom.

Each pedal uses a professionally assembled PCB and is proudly assembled by hand in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

?Other features include:

– Vimex 3PDT stomp switches (true bypass )
– Alpha potentiometers
– Lumberg/Neutrik/Rean/Amphenol jacks
– Professional high quality FR4 PCB
– Powder coated enclosure
– UV Printed artwork

?The end result is high quality pedals that sound amazing, are consistent from pedal-to-pedal.

?Each pedal comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and labour. Note that the warranty does not cover damage due to using an improper power supply or other misuse.