Magpie Effects Moccus Fuzz

The Magpie Effects Moccus is the first pedal release by this Dutch boutique builder, it’s hand-built, and features a peculiar “Squeal” knob that makes it do just that.

It’s a Russian Muff evolution, upgraded with a bigger bottom end, non-scooped mids and crisper highs. It also features an added octave-up that gives it an extra edge.

The two LEDs on the case in place of the bull’s eye are actually VU meters that light up when your signal hits the circuit, which, in the darkness, is pretty creepy!

Have a listen to this fuzz pedal in the videos below.


Moccus is a hand built boutique guitar pedal from the south of the Netherlands. This pedal is based on a classic Russian Fuzz pedal, loved by everyone for its classic woolly tones. However it’s upgraded with huge bottom end, non scooped mids and crisp highs. Complimented by a screaming octave-up.

Moccus is only for the brave. The ones who can handle this ancient sacred swine- god, protector of hunters and warriors. Moccus is determined to unleash high gain fuzz with an high-octave squeal.