Side Effects Mocking Bird Delay

The Side Effects Mocking Bird Delay has been around since 2017 but the builder kept improving the circuit and this is the 2022 version, which we will call V3 to differentiate it from the videos of it shot around 2020 (which we’ll call V2) and the ones shot when the pedal first came out.

This 2022 version features “less noise on the dry signal path and a much wider LFO speed range among some other smaller tweaks.”

It’s an ambient modulated echo based on the beloved PT2399 digital chip featured in many creative digital reverbs. Its six knobs let you create delays from 50ms to 1 second, and apply pitch-shifting modulation to it through the Rate and Depth knobs. A Tone knob lets you darken the tails for a warmer, tape-style sound.

An extra footswitch triggers self-oscillation or a momentary delay effect, depending on the position of the Feedback knob.

As usual, when the PT2399 is set for longer delay times, it reveals a lofi character that produces “crackling, hissing lo-fi repeats.” The longer the repeats, the more lofi it sounds, but this becomes evident after the middle position of the Time knob.

A Tails on/off switch rounds up the features.

We added the Side Effects Mocking Bird to our article about the best tape-style echo pedals.

Videos of Version 2

Videos of V1

Side Effects Mocking Bird Delay, Builder’s Notes

Ambient modulated echo unit. The Mocking Bird adds eerie, saturated repeats along your notes. It uses the popular PT2399 digital delay chip but retains your dry signal fully analog. You can filter out the highs on the repeats with the Tone knob, add pitch shifting modulation with the Rate and Depth knobs, stomp the momentary switch and drive the delay to self-oscillation or use it as a momentary on for dub-style delay fills. The delay times available are from about 50ms to 1s. In the MBD the PT2399 delay chip is brought to its extremes after the second half of the Time knob: crackling, hissing lo-fi repeats for those who enjoy them. On the other hand put the Time knob to minimum and crank the mod Depth and you have a chorus-doubling effect. The MBD uses buffered bypass which doesn’t colour your signal and allows for the Tails on/off feature: turn off the pedal but let the ambience fade out in the background or cut off as soon as you disengage the pedal.

Customer feedback: “Superb product, Mockingbird Delay will give you hours of fun.” “…the Mocking Bird is a fantastic delay! Works well with synths. Also the artwork is brilliant.” “This new pedal builder from Greece makes great stuff! Very nice voicing and tonality, lots of options, nice features and well build.”