Flamma FC05 Mod

Chinese pedal builder Flamma is a rather new player in the stompbox realm who is offering clean but sharp-looking stompboxes at incredible prices. The mini Multi-Modulation FC05 MOD is their latest release, sporting a good-mood-inducing bright green case.

The FC05 offers a total 11 effects from your all-time classics (Chorus, Vibrato, Phaser, Tremolo, Flanger, Rotary, etc) to edgy/unusual ones like Low Bit, Liquid, Stutter and even Ring Modulation.

Three mini knobs let you set the Speed, Depth and one mode-variable setting through the Ctrl knob.

If you like the sound of it in the videos below, and if you need a do-it-all modulation pedal with a small footprint, the Flamma FC05 Mod might just be what the doctored ordered. And that gorgeous green might as well brighten your giggin’ days!

We added the Flamma FC05 Mod to our article about the best Multi-Modulation pedals.

Flamma fc05, Builder’s Notes

11 high-quality classic modulation effects

Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, Vibrato, Rotary, Liquid, Auto Wah, Stutter, Ring, Low-Bit

Full metal shell

Tiny, Durable, and Portable