Cunningham Amps Dual Range Fuzz

The Cunningham Amps Dual Range Fuzz is a high-end, hand-wired Tone Bender-inspired circuit made in New Zealand.

The circuit is based on the MK 1.6 of the venerable vintage fuzz, but the clipping transistor diode is customizable with these options, each hand selected and tested:

  1. Germanium (premium select NOS devices)
  2. Hybrid (one germanium and one silicon for the best of both worlds).
  3. Medium Gain Silicon (premium NOS BC108s)
  4. Higher Gain Silicon (premium NOS BC109s)

It also features a boost controlled by a separate footswitch and two knobs, for gain and volume, which, added to the classic Attack and Level controls of the Tone Bender, can conjure up a wide range of tones.

Hear how it sounds in the videos below. We added this pedal to our article about the best Tone Bender-style pedals.

Cunningham Amps Dual Range Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

Select your choice of transistors from the menu above (if not sure, get in touch and we can help you chose what will work best for you):

  1. Germanium (premium select NOS devices)
  2. Hybrid (one germanium and one silicon for the best of both worlds).
  3. Medium Gain Silicon (premium NOS BC108s)
  4. Higher Gain Silicon (premium NOS BC109s)

The Dual Range Fuzz is hand crafted effect pedal based on our MK 1.6 Fuzz circuit. The Dual Range Fuzz takes performance to a new level by adding an additional boosted fuzz mode that can be fine-tuned for extra gain and volume. The pedal is available in Germanium, Silicon or a Hybrid model featuring one of each transistor. All transistors are high quality NOS devices, hand selected and tested in each circuit.

The controls are simple but highly effective – ‘Attack’ dials up the fuzz and ‘Level’ sets the overall output of the effect, which ranges from soft to sonic destruction. The Boost controls interact with the standard Attack and Level controls to provide an extremely diverse palette of tones, ranging from boosted cleans to searing fuzzed out mayhem. You can set the pedal up to create two quite distinct tones or maybe add just a touch of extra grunt to your rhythm tone for cranking out a lead.

?The Dual Range Fuzz is designed to provide a high level of output when desired and is capable of a significant volume boost – this fuzz will not disappear in the mix when engaged.

Raising the level also hits the input of your amp harder and interacts with tube preamp stages to produce beautiful overtones and a wide range of overdrive and distortion tones through to raging fuzz. Subtle changes in pick attack and tweaks to your guitar’s volume and tone controls offer up unlimited avenues for expression.

?The circuit is built upon a hand etched board with the highest quality components and an obsessive attention to detail. The Dual Range Fuzz is both battery powered and includes a DC power socket (standard centre negative, 2.1mm plug). The battery is disconnected from the circuit when DC plug inserted so you can leave hooked up on your board. There’s also an on\off switch if using battery only.

?Each Pedal is built by hand, one at a time, and individually voiced to optimize its specially selected pair of transistors. This means no two pedals are exactly the same – they all have unique attributes and components are chosen to enhance the sonic qualities of each circuit.

?All pedals come complete with a handmade padded carry case, signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and instruction card.


  • NOS Germanium, Silicon and Hybrid versions available on request
  • Note: Germanium version has a +ve ground and must be used with the battery or an isolated power supply.  Do not daisy chain power with other -ve ground pedals.  Most modern power supplies will work fine).
  • Premium quality components throughout
  • Custom fitted padded cover (included)
  • Certificate of Authenticity (included)
  • Instruction Card (included)
  • Custom options available
  • Handmade in New Zealand