Flamma FC21 Analog Comp

The Flamma FC21 Analog Comp is a repackaged but cheaper (and better looking) version of the Mooer Yellow Comp, an optical mini-compressor with controls for Compression, Volume and EQ.

Optical compressors are based on a technology that produces slightly different compression from regular designs (normally VCA or FET). They can be very transparent and feature a slower attack and release.

We added the Flamma Analog Comp to our article about the best mini-compressor pedals. It’s part of the Chinese company FC line of mini pedals.

Flamma FC21 Analog Comp, Builder’s Notes

  • There‚Äôs nothing quite like the subtle ways compression can enhance your tone and overall playing experience.
  • The FC21 aims to provide that classic, optical compression while maintaining a smooth attack and decay.
  • Tuned specifically for a sensitive dynamic range with a built-in EQ and volume knobs that allow customization of the effect.
  • As is standard in the FC lineup, the FC21 features a compact, metal shell with true bypass when not engaged.