We’ve seen our fair share of interesting use of guitar related gear, but, honestly, the idea of a classical guitar associated with garage rock never crossed our mind. Enter Tall Juan from Queens, NY, who begs to differ!

“Currently I’m using a Fender Blues JR. which works great with my nylon-stringed classical guitar. I just add some spring reverb and a bit of saturation from the amp and that’s it! I ended up using this little Fender Blues Jr. amp because my friend Juan Wauters [who obviously borrowed the guitar in the picture for this videobought it for a European tour we played and i kept using it once I found a sound I really liked. I don’t like big amps, i rather go with a small one with the volume all the way up than a humongous one at very low volume. As far as pedals are concerned, none on the guitar, I only use a BOSS DD3 delay pedal as a slap back effect on my vocals.”

Check out Tall Juan’s latest EP ‘Why Not,’ below, and his mostly live video of single “It’s True.”