903 1

The 903 Effects Doppler V2 is the new version of one of the first circuits built by this Tyler, Texas-based small builder. It integrates a vibrato effect with a reverb based on the BTDR-2H chip, which produces ambiance of the Room/Hall type.

While the tremolo + spring reverb combo is an established trend in the stompbox realm, a vibrato + room reverb pedal is almost unheard of, but produces a similar effect that confers character and a subtle texture to your tone, applying light pitch modulation to your pedal (vibrato) instead of the tremolo’s cyclical volume variation.

This is a pedal built with the “toneful” guitarist in mind, producing useful and tasteful effects throughout the knobs’ sweep without using into extreme or weird sonic territory.

A toggle switch in the center of the pedal lets you switch the order of the two effects, which radically changes the final results.

903 Effects Doppler V2, Builder’s Notes

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