Sometimes true gems can be found among pedals that are (way) under $100, and the Donner Vintaverb may be one of those, a stereo in/out reverb with 7 modes.

Packing all that goodness in a compact case is already no small feat, but including a very useful Pre-Delay knob, freeze effect and trails on/off functionality sweetens the deal to irresistible levels, for a $75 pedal.

The seven included modes provide a satisfying blend of classic reverbs like Room, Studio, Hall, Plate and Spring, and more sonically adventurous ones like Modulated and distorted Reverb.

You can hear them in the video below. You can find other similar reverbs in our articles about the best multi-mode reverb pedals and the best stereo reverb pedals.

Donner Vintaverb, Builder’s Notes

• 7 kinds of world-class reverb effect ranging from essential to ambient, including Room, Studio, Hall, Plate, Spring, Mod and Dsverb.
• Stereo inputs and outputs added flexibility to fit any kinds of setup.
• Easy to setup your own reverb tone with MIX, DECAY, TONE and Predelay parameters.
• Hold on reverb sound as long as you want via Freeze function.
• Switchable True Bypass Mode/Trail ON Mode for pedalboard flexibility. DC 9V Adapter power supply. (plug polarity is positive on the barrel and negative in the center). (Not Included)
• Donner Vintaverb is a multi type reverb pedal packed with most useful functions and 7 kinds of world class reverb algorithms ranging from essential to ambient.
• Not only provides vintage reverb sound like Room, Studio, Hall, Plate and Spring, but also includes Modulation Reverb and Distortion Reverb.
• Basic reverb parameters help you setup your reverb sound as simple as possible. With Freeze function, it can sustain your reverb effect whenever you want.
• Stereo inputs and outputs offer you awesome and huge reverb tone. Trail ON Mode (Buffer Bypass) and True Bypass Mode provide you a choice to decide keeping reverb tail or keeping your tone characters.
• There is vast creative potential in the Donner Vintaverb reverb pedal. Just get it and start your own music!