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Reverb Is Stereo.

A reverb effect recreates the way we perceive sound in an enclosed space. Since we have the privilege of having two ears we can safely say that no one ever experienced natural reverb in Mono (except those deaf from one ear). The slight differences detected by each ear when we experience real-life reverb paint a “sonic picture” that widens our aural perception horizontally (from left to right), something that can’t happen in mono. This is the simple reason why Stereo reverb pedals are so much more appealing: we are not made to hear anything in mono, reverb in particular!

Best Stereo Reverb Pedals

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A Complete Guide to the Best Stereo Reverb Pedals

Lists updated on Dec. 19th, 2023

True, for most guitar-related operations, a mono reverb is all that’s needed, but guitarists with ambient or creative leanings can find a lot of inspiration in Stereo reverb pedals. This is why we decided to write this article about the topic, organizing the various stompboxes by tag price and functionality.

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•  Quality Compact Stereo Reverb Pedals
•  Budget Stereo Reverb Pedals
•  Creative Stereo Reverb Pedals
•  Stereo Multi-Mode Reverb Workstations
•  Stereo Reverb + Delay Pedals

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As usual, the pedals in the following interactive galleries are organized by perceived popularity. Mouse over (or first tap on mobile) will give you a description, while a click (or second tap on mobile) will open a demo video.

Best Compact Stereo Reverb Pedals

Since the mini format is too small to host stereo out, these effects hosted in the classic compact case format are, at least at the moment of writing, the smallest Stereo reverb pedals on the market. Some of them feature a surprising amount of controls, considering the limited space, while other supplement the lack of tweakable features by providing apps that allow fine-tuning of parameters not accessible from the actual device.

Top 3:

  • BOSS RV-6
    A Stereo in/out compact reverb pedal that offers eight separate modes including classics like spring, plate, and room and edgy one like shimmer, dynamic and reverb+delay. Three simple knobs to control them all. It features an input for expression pedal and a few other perks.
  • Universal Audio Golden
    A Stereo, 3-mode (plus 1) reverb pedal with 3 variations for each mode, preset capability, and six knobs controlling Decay, Pre-Delay, Mix, Bass, Treble and Modulation. Modes include Spring 65 (amp-like reverb), Plate 140, Hall 224 (inspired by late-1970s digital reverb algorithms). Bonus Effects are a vintage digital Plate and Chamber 224 reverb.
  • MXR M300 Reverb
    With its 20 volts of headroom, this compact Stereo reverb sounds as detailed as any high-end rack unit. Choose from Room, Plate and Spring as well as Epic (a combination of interwoven delay lines and complex modulation), Mod (plate with modulation) and Pad (a combination echoes, shimmer, synth/organ modulation and reverb).

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Budget Stereo Reverb Pedals

If your priority is the price, you can’t go wrong with the pedals in this list, but the tone may suffer a little.

Top 3:

  • NUX Verb Core Deluxe
    An affordable, stereo multi-reverb pedal with 8 modes (Room, Hall, Plate, Damp, Shim, Spring, Tremolo-Verb, and Mod-Verb) and a momentary freeze effect triggered by holding down the footswitch. The algorithms feature a nice selection of traditional (Spring, Room, Plate, Hall) and more creative and textural options (Trem-verb, Mod-verb, Shimmer and Damp) that should work well for guitarists with a wide sonic palette.
  • Flamma FS02
    A very affordable multi-mode stereo reverb with 7 modes (Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring, Mod) each coming with a storable preset. The controls are extremely useful and not generic: Level, High-cut, Low-cut, Decay, and Pre-delay.
  • NUX Damp ReverbBiyang Tri Reverb
    A mini pedal with stereo in/out – thanks to its two TRS jacks. It offers 3 modes (Plate, Spring and Hall) inspired by specific circuits (the EMT 140 plate reverb, the early spring reverbs found in Fender amps from the ’60s and the hall reverb found in the 1978 Lexicon 224). As if that was not enough, it offers Trail mode and Shimmer and Freeze secondary functions when holding the footswitch.

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Creative Stereo Reverb Pedals

In this selection, we included stereo reverb pedals that are not hosted in compact cases but neither are they full-fledged “do-it-all” workstations (for those, see the next list). Here you will find some of the most creative reverbs, because the extra footprint allows builders to include extra controls.

Top 3:

  • Strymon Cloudburst
    An ambient reverb effect followed by a particular effect that goes beyond modulation (referred to as an “Ensemble engine”) that continuously analyzes different frequency bands of your signal, generating upper harmonic partials of what it finds in each frequency band. A 3-way toggle switch lets you set the effect to Off, Mezzo Piano or Forte, with the latter being more intense. A Mod knob increases the effect’s actual modulation.
  • Strymon Nightsky
    A stereo “reverberant synthesis workstation” that combines reverb, pitch-shifting, a resonant filter, modulation with multiple wave shapes (which can be routed to pitch, reverb or filter), and even a step sequencer! Three footswitches allow several functions including preset storage/recall, sequencer control, and momentary effects.
  • Walrus Audio Slöer
    It’s the stereo version of the Slötva, with two new algorithms: Rain (Delay Tap Diffusion) and Light (High Octave Shimmer) . Two faders set the inherited, mode-dependent X parameter, and control the new Stretch function, which changes the reverb’s sample rate for lo-fi effects. A 3-way Width toggle, which delivers three stereo modes from normal to wider.

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Stereo Multi-Mode Reverb Workstations

We have a separate article fully focused on Multi-Reverb Delays. This selection lists the large footprints reverb workstations that offer studio-grade algorithms and deep functionality – it’s a top-of-the-line format that always offers Stereo outputs.

Top 3:

  • Strymon Big Sky
    12 studio-class reverbs. Diffused reflections and slower-building density are hallmarks of the Big Sky, as heard in the Bloom, Cloud, Chorale, Shimmer and Nonlinear algorithms. Controls for Decay, Pre-Delay, Mix (wet/dry), Tone, Mod and two effect-dependent Parameters make the pedal easy to use in any situation.
  • Source Audio Ventris
    It features two separate 56-bit reverb processors and a host of reverb algorithms from traditional to out there. Run the dual reverb effects in a parallel or cascading signal path, or split your reverbs and send a different effect to each of the two outputs. Seamless “spillover” from one preset to the next prevents tails from cutting off. It includes 4 presets and useful Pre-Delay and Treble knobs.
  • BOSS RV-500
    BOSS’s flagship stereo reverb offers 12 modes and 21 newly developed algorithms, from ambiances to deep, immersive sonic atmospheres. Every reverb patch includes access to a full-featured digital delay, and you can even run two reverb patches at once. MIDI I/O, support for external footswitch/expression control and USB for connection to the free RV-500 Editor/Librarian software.

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Stereo Reverb + Delay Pedals

Running reverb together with delay is one of the favorite hobbies of guitarists with ambient and shoegazer inclinations, but this effect combo is useful for a variety of applications and genres.

Top 3:

  1. NUX Atlantic
    A super-compact, digital, stereo 3-mode Delay (’70s tape, ’80s BBD, and ’90s Digital mode) with an added 3-mode Reverb (Spring, Plate and Hall). Each effect has its own footswitch, with the left one also controlling tap tempo and the right one for Shimmer. Inside routing lets you decide what effects is first or whether to run them in parallel or series.
  2. Source Audio Collider
    Two popular pedals embedded in a stereo Delay+Reverb effect with Midi, Tap Tempo and Freeze function. It includes a choice of 5 delay algorithms that can be combined with 7 reverbs for effects ranging from the subtle to the sci-fi.. 4 of the 6 knobs have a double function through a three-way toggle switch. Control knobs affect algorithm-specific settings.
  3. EarthQuaker Avalanche Run V2
    With up to 2 seconds of delay and lush stereo reverb, Avalanche Run creates floating ambient tones through deep but still user friendly functionality. It has modes for Both (standard delay and reverb) and Reverse (reverse delay and standard reverb), but the real prize here is Swell mode. Exp in is CV compatible.

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