Thanks to Electro-Harmonix for shooting and producing this incredible video of our event!

This past weekend, the 2022 edition of the Brooklyn Synth and Pedal Expo returned for the first time after the COVID-19 lockdowns, and it filled our hearts to see that many NYC musicians are still into gear-partying!

We posted over 150 pictures of the pedal section of the event here – while photos of the synth area are here.

Brooklyn Pedal & Synth Expo 2022

Around 1,500 knob-twisters poured into the 4k square feet venue filled to the brim with stompboxes and syntheizers, and there were lines out the door for most of the day both on Saturday and Sunday – we don’t actually like that, we’d rather have as many people as possible in the venue at once, but after the pandemic we decided to rent a smaller venue because we knew vendor participation would be less than in 2019.

The highlight of the show was the unannounced visit by legendary Electro-Harmonix owner Mike Matthews!


There was also a live modular performance throughout the event and some product-related workshop on the venue’s mezzanine!

Oh and don’t forget about the (many) synth and pedal giveaways, you are still in time to sign up for most of them!

Here is a video walkthrough of the event!