ChiralityAudio Black Swan

ChiralityAudio is an Italian company founded by two musical brothers who also run a recording studio, and who already have three pedals in their roster – and some interesting ones at that!

The Black Swan (or blackswan) is a simple one-knob high gain distorion/fuzz with plenty of gain to boot.

The brothers say it’s designed to please guitarists who don’t like traditional fuzz pedals, offering a defined sound, extended bass frequency response, and no harsh treble.

You can hear if that’s true in the video of the ChiralityAudio Black Swan, below.

ChiralityAudio Black Swan

The Black Swan is a down-to-the-bone no frills high gain distortion/fuzz designed for those players who are not into fuzzes: defined sound, extended bass frequency response, no harsh treble, no farts