Hamstead MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo

Based in Cambridgeshire, England, Hamstead Soundworks prides itself for its fresh approach to amp and pedal engineering, developed throughout the years by owner Peter Hamstead, who, among other things, designed audio switching systems for Sony Center and implemented non-destructive testing equipment for the supersonic airliner, Concorde.

The MkII Signature Tremolo features the company’s original “Sinewave” circuit, which already existed embedded in their Artist +RT series amplifiers, and adds two more LFO waves (Classic and Triangle), plus a wave shaping knob that adds articulation to the three wave modes.

Here are the videos of the Hamstead MKII Signature Analogue Tremolo.

Tremolo is one of the earliest effects to be applied to the electric guitar, and its timeless quality has ensured its popularity across many genres throughout the years. Signature Analogue Tremolo is our take on this classic effect, created with the refined analogue engineering that Hamstead Soundworks is known for.
The MkII Signature Tremolo takes our Signature ‘Sinewave’ circuit straight out of the Artist +RT series amplifiers and packages it into a pedalboard-friendly format. This is coupled with two additional tremolo modes, and the features of Wave Shaping, and expression & speed control pedal support.

Our Signature ‘Sinewave’ mode is a true sinusoidal waveform for the cleanest, smoothest and most musical sounding tremolo. Switch to ‘Classic’ mode for a more vintage feel, replicating the familiar tremolo sounds found in vintage amplifiers and thousands of seminal records from the 1950s to the present day. The MkII model adds ‘Triangle’ mode which is far more natural sounding than the angular name suggests, and is particularly useful when used with the Shape control.
The Shape control is another new feature for the MkII and allows the ability to tilt any of the waveforms to the left or right. In Triangle mode this can create both up and down sawtooth waveforms for more modern tremolo effects, and can really accentuate the thump of output bias style tremolo in Classic mode.