Black Mass Electronics Kill Chain

Handmade in Salem, MA, the Black Mass Electronics Kill Chain is a one-knob transistor fuzz with a few tricks up its sleeve.

The knob controls the volume of the output without affecting the fuzz, so the only way to decrease the amount of fuzz is through your guitar volume knob – this baby is full-on all the time! Doing this will produce some tones closer to overdrive and distortion.

Two toggle switches named Bleed and Depth provide ways to get a few variations in tone or, more simply, tailor the fuzz to your guitar and amp.

Bleed is a two-way toggle that affects the high-end, offering more aggressive treble on the left settings and rolled off highs on the right position (which also increases the output volume).

Depth controls the low end of the fuzz and has three settings, with the center position being neutral, the left boosting the bass a little, and the right one boosting it even more.

Here are the demos of it!


Black Mass Electronics Kill Chain, Builder’s Notes