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Iowan gear manufacturer Chandler Limited, perhaps best known for it’s Germanium series mic pre’s, EQ’s, and compressors, will be releasing four new products this year – including the company’s first foray into guitar pedals.

According to Wade Goeke of Chandler:

“[Making guitar pedals] will be a new direction for Chandler Limited. I have been a guitar player for 30 years and it is really what got me into music and recording. I have long been interested in making guitar pedals and pursuing sounds that I have wanted for guitar but have been unable to obtain with other gear. I have been experimenting with distortion and boost sounds for the last year and a half and feel that I have two guitar pedals that will offer the Chandler sound and build to a new audience.”

The Germanium Boost (pictured above) will be one of the inaugural pedals, offering guitar players some of the signature Chandler sound at their feet. Featuring a drive control, and three-way boost and feedback settings, the pedal provides lots of colored boost with enough variables to custom-fit your tone. The Germanium Boost is hand wired and constructed, and runs on two 9V batteries or dual 9VDC power supplies – providing a serious amount of gain.

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