mediaIn a follow-up to the lunchbox version of its famous 1073 preamp, Ams-Neve has released the 1073LBEQ ($1,295): a 3-band mono equalizer based on the original Neve 1073 EQ circuit. It integrates seamlessly with the 1073LB preamp, resulting in a fully discrete, portable version of the 1073 mic pre/EQ used on countless recordings for its distinctively fat, punchy sound.

Basic functions include an EQ in/out switch with LED indicator, and a signal presence LED that lights up green from -25dB and red from +24dB. Rotary knobs control 3 bands of EQ as well as an adjustable high-pass filter. When mounted in the same lunchbox with a 1073LB mic pre, a few simple modifications allows the EQ to be inserted between the inputs and outputs of the 1073 pre.

Design limitations associated with 500 series modules prevented Neve from combining both mic pre and EQ of the original unit into one lunchbox pre/EQ without sacrificing audio quality:

“Trying to fit both the preamp and EQ functions into those dimensions simply wasn’t an option – not if we wanted to retain key features like the hand-wound transformers which are proprietary to AMS Neve and are such an important part of ‘that Neve sound’,” says David Walton, AMS Neve’s Outboard Products Manager. “That would have risked diluting the Neve quality offering and we weren’t prepared to short-change our customers.”

The 1073LB has received a warm reception from both engineers and Neve enthusiasts since its release late last year. If that’s any indication of the upcoming response to the 1073LBEQ, prepare to see it in a studio near you very soon. –Mike Bauer