Heather Brown Sensation Fuzzdrive

The Heather Brown Sensation Fuzzdrive is the second release by a pedal builder who was able to create a name for herself with her only release before this one, the Blessed Mother overdrive.

The new device is a very tweakable blend of fuzz and overdrive that can deliver the best of both worlds: the punch of drives with the warmth of fuzz circuits.

But that’s not the whole story. This device can deliver a lot of gain and sonic options thanks to three distinct transistor-based gain stages controlled by the Saturator knob, with an additional Gain switch providing hi/low options.

Although it doesn’t have EQ knobs, the Mids and Bass toggles offer three tuned settings each on those frequencies, for a total of 9 possible tried and tested combinations.

Have a listen to it in the video below, and buy it through our affiliate Guitar Center link to support what we do!

Heather Brown Sensation Fuzzdrive, Builder’s Notes

The Sensation Fuzzdrive is as unique as it is versatile. It’s a blend of fuzz and overdrive that can’t fully be classified as either. Overdrives generally give an excellent punch, but in the search for more gain the sound can get a little thin. Fuzz pedals provide great warmth, but obliterating the signal can get a little chaotic. The Sensation Fuzzdrive attempts to bring out the best of both by blending that punchiness and warmth, without sacrificing body or getting too “fizzy”. At its core, it’s a tool to push your signal hard without the chaos. It goes from fuzzy low-end to crisp overdriven mids, sure to make a screaming solo really jump out in a mix.

The fuzz aspect provides just enough compression to smooth out the breakup. But don’t be mistaken, the end result is anything but smooth. Even as a single-stage drive, this pedal can provide a crushing amount of gain.

Tone-shaping is achieved through three distinct transistor-based gain stages controlled by the “Saturator,” with an additional gain switch providing hi/low options. There are three tuned settings for mids-presence and another three for bass-presence. These functions expand your range and maximise precision. Whether at home or in a variety of live and studio environments, the Sensation Fuzzdrive will be a welcome addition to your rig.


• Hand-wired

• Up to 3 selectable gain stages

• Additional hi/low gain option

• Bass and mid-range EQ controls

• 9V