Redbeard Effects Angry Rhubarb

Guitarists were seldom faced with the words “parametric” and “EQ” in the same sentence since that’s a kind of EQ that is normally found on pro audio consoles and equalizers, rather than effects and amps.

However, in the last few years, we’ve seen that kind of circuit in an increasing number of guitar pedals, and it kinda make sense, because a parametric EQ allows the player to choose what frequency to boost or cut, which makes it an extremely flexible tool. Here’s a sample of guitar pedals with parametric EQ.

The Redbeard EffectsAngry Rhubarb, is an analog overdrive featuring a parametric EQ stuck in the middle of two overdrive circuits.

The EQ circuit can boost or cut by 6dp any frequency between 80Hz and 4kH, opening up all sorts of tone sculpting possibilities, furtherly enhanced by the two drives, a low to medium one in front of the EQ and a medium-high after it.

The company was launched in 2020 and is comprised of rock guitarist Mikey Demus (of UK based band, Skindred), and Adrian Thorpe (of ThorpyFX),

Check out the videos of this pedal, below.

Introducing our first foray into the overdrive world, the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII.

There’s a lot of debate over whether an overdrive circuit sounds better before or after an EQ circuit. We figured, why not have both? By jamming two gloriously independent overdrive circuits either side of an extremely interactive EQ, the Angry Rhubarb was born. An obsessive amount of tweaks, modifications and refinement landed us at the MKII model.

This pedal brings a surgical approach to sculpting your tone by way of a Parametric EQ section. This circuit constantly interacts with both overdrive controls as well as your playing dynamic, allowing you to create some truly world class overdriven tones. With a low to medium drive in the front, and another medium-to-more drive in the back, the Angry Rhubarb has got you covered.

  • Two separate drive controls (pre & post)
  • Intuitive Parametric EQ section
  • Wide frequency control range (80Hz to 4kHz)
  • Boost or cut any frequency by 6dB
  • 100% Analogue Circuit
  • True Bypass
  • What’s in the box :
    Our signature ‘Coffee Bag’ packaging | 2 x Redbeard Effects Stickers | Redbeard Effects PCB Keyring

Like all our pedals, the Angry Rhubarb Paradynamic Overdrive MKII was dreamt up, designed, engineered, built, tested and packaged in the UK by hand.