The Ultimate Guide to Delay Pedals (3 Best Delays by Type)
Best Analog Delay Pedals
Best Tape-Style Delay Pedals
Best Delay + Reverb Combo Pedals
Best Creative Delay Pedals
Best Mini Delay Pedals
Best Binson Echorech-Inspired Pedals

Below, the latest news about delay pedals

Foxgear T7E Baby Stereo Echo

GFI System Specular Tempus

TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler

NUX Duotime Dual Stereo Delay Engine

Old Blood Noise RÊVER delay/reverb

IdiotBox Repo Man Double Delay + Drive

Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon Delay & Looper

Tomkat Day Dreamer and Super Day Dreamer Echo-Reverb

Bardic Audio Bootgazer Fuzz/Modulated Delay

Glou Glou Loupe` Creative Stereo Looper

Catalinbread Montavillian Echo

Producing with Pedals: Sehat Effectors Moisture Fuzz and Masjidil Echo