Walrus Audio Fundamental Delay

Part of their 2023 eight-pedal series, the Walrus Audio Fundamental Delay answers the need for a simple, no-frills delay with three useful modes.

The three faders control time, feedback, and mix, and the selector switch provides three unique options for the style of delay, the fidelity of the repeats, and their direction.

Here is what the three delay modes offer:

  • Digital: the cleanest option with pristine repeats
  • Analog: filtered and slightly distorted, replicates the character of bucket brigade delay chips.
  • Reverse: great for shoegaze, ambient and textures

The pedal has a 2nd operational mode called Tap mode, engaged by holding the footswitch until the LED is flashing. In this mode, the slider switch will deliver three subdivisions options:

  • Quarter Note
  • Dotted Eighth Note
  • Eighth Note

The pedal comes with Trails mode engaged, but it can be turned off by holding down the bypass stomp switch when applying power to the pedal.

Walrus Audio Fundamental Delay, Builder’s Notes

The Fundamental Delay provides you with the core sounds of repeated effects. With three delay algorithms, you can go from clean digital feedback to an analog delay emulation, as well as reversing your trails.

Time: Control the rate of the delayed repeats. Max delay time is one second

Feedback: Control the number of repeats.

Mix: Control the mix of the effect and the original clean signal. All the way to the left outputs a fully clean signal, and all the way to the right outputs only the delay repeats.

Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between three distinct Delay algorithms.

  • Digital – Add a clean rhythmic delay back into your signal, with transparent repeats.
  • Analog – Add a filtered and slightly distorted delay back into your signal, designed to replicate the characteristics of bucket brigade delay chips.
  • Reverse – Add reversed trails back into your signal, create gentle melodies, or push into reverse feedback overload.

Slide Switch Secondary Control: Control the tap division when tap mode is engaged.

  • Quarter Note
  • Dotted Eighth Note
  • Eighth Note
  • Tap Mode: To enter tap mode, hold down the bypass stompswitch until you see the LED flashing. Once it is flashing, tap mode is engaged and the stomp switch will only work as a tap tempo until tap mode is disengaged. While tap mode is engaged, adjusting the program Slide Switch will only change the division of the tap control, and not the delay program. To disengage tap mode, hold down bypass again until you see the LED turn back to solid white.

The pedal will remember the tempo you have tapped in until adjusted again by either the time control or another tempo is tapped in.

Trails Modes – The Delay comes with trails mode active by default, to disengage trails mode hold down the bypass stomp switch when applying power to the pedal. Once the LED flashes it indicates that trails mode is turned off. To re-engage trails mode, repeat the process, and wait for the LED to turn dark, indicating that trails mode is back on. With trails mode active, your delay repeats will fade off naturally after turning the pedal off. With trails mode inactive, the decay abruptly cuts off when you turn off the pedal.