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Nov 25, 2020
Best Delay+Reverb Pedal

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Updated on 11/16/2020
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Echo (aka delay) and Reverb are often grouped as part of the same family of sound effects, and for good reason: reverb is nothing more than thousands of delays as they happen almost simultaneously in a contained space, a multitude of echo reflections that are so close to each other that we can’t distinguish the single repeats.

When combined, however, the two effects can create a spectrum of very interesting results, from washed-out soundscapes to eerie ghostly atmospheres that make this combo a must for guitarists with psychedelic and ambient leanings.

In this article, we gathered all the best dual-engine devices that offer you delay and reverb in one box. We didn’t include multi-mode reverb or delay pedals that don’t allow separate tweaking of each effect.

We divided them into two categories:

Best Stereo Delay+Reverb Pedal Combos
Best Mono Delay+Reverb Pedal Combos
Best Stereo Delay+Reverb Pedals with Extra Features

As usual, in our interactive galleries, a mouseover or first tap will get you a description of the pedal, while a click or second tap will open a video.

Best Stereo Delay + Reverb Combo Pedals

The stompboxes in this list offer a Stereo output, which is something that’s particularly intriguing for space-related effects like delay and, in particular, reverb, because Stereo reflections can convey a sense of 3d space placement that emulates what we hear in real life with our two ears. Also, Stereo can open up extra creative options in a studio or sound design environment, and it’s great for modulation, an effect often found in pedals simulating the wow and flutter of tape echo machines.

On average more expensive than their Mono counterparts, these pedals are often also larger, which allows them to have space for more knobs/functions and, in most cases, separate footswitches for delay and reverb, presets and Tap Tempo functionality.


  1. Source Audio Collider
  2. EarthQuaker Devices Avalanche Run V2
  3. Atlantic Nux

Full list and descriptions below (click/tap for video).

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Best Mono Delay + Reverb Combo Pedals

Normally more affordable and compact than their Stereo siblings, these Mono Delay + Reverb Combo Pedals are great for those who plan on using them exclusively with their single amp. Tap Tempo and separate footswitch for each effect are becoming standard even for this category, while many include extras like modulation, EQ and flexible routing.


  1. Keeley Caverns V2
  2. Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
  3. Old Blood Noise Dark Star V2

Full list and descriptions below (click/tap for video).

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Best Delay+Reverb Pedals with Extra Features

As it often, or rather, always happens in the stompbox realm, some manufacturers like to take things one step further, adding extra features to established effect formats. These efforts often end up producing some truly inspiring devices. The pedals in this list include both a delay and a reverb section, but integrated in a circuit that offers a lot more than that, from filters, to synthesis to reverse.


  1. Hologram Microcosm
  2. Collision Devices Black Hole Symmetry
  3. Keeley Loomer

Full list and descriptions below (click/tap for video).

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Videos about Delay and Reverb Combo Pedals

Here are some videos with advice on how to use delay and reverb pedals together.

Pedal order: Reverb into Delay or Delay into Reverb?

How to use ambient reverb before modulation and delay on your pedalboard

Shootout: Keeley Caverns vs. EQD Dispatch Master vs. Wampler Ethereal

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