A new App in the iTunes store called Blues Writer, is designed to help songwriters with the creative process. When stumped for a verse, you can double click and select a word from Schirmers Complete Rhyming Dictionary, which includes over 96,000 rhymes. The built in Instrumental tracks help put a structure to a song and lyrics in context, or you can select a track from your iTunes library. The song can then be shared online or sent to friends and band mates from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This could inspire people to get creative during down time like waiting for the train, and possibly even encourage folk musicians to write more originals, (rather than relying on covering songs in the public domain)! The content is built in so no internet connection is needed for it to work. Then you can upload the tracks to Soundcloud to the growing community of tracks supporting the app.

Rumor is that there are some great bands recording tracks for Blues Writer. It’s catching on as being good to have for writing music while on tour. Freestyle is another app released by Musicroom.com which uses a similar engine, but for the creation of hip hop tracks.

To get involved with the community of musicians creating tracks for the app, email Alex at Energy@freeenergymedia.com