Marshall BluesBreaker

It looks like with the new reissue of the original 1991 Blues [space] Breaker overdrive, Marshall has decided to surrender to the common misspellings of this pedal’s name, as in “BluesBreaker” (without a space), since their entire online literature spells it that way.

However, if our friends at Pedaltown are correct, the pedal this 2023 reissue is based on was spelled with a space, which was dropped in its following, compact version (aka the Marshall BB-2). So it feels kinda wrong to talk about a “BluesBreaker” reissue, but we’ll go with the flow, although we do see a little space there, right on the case, between that “s” and that “B”!?!

Anyway, the bottom line is that this reissue looks exactly like the original, and although the components are the same, it sounds like the builder made a few tweaks to bring it to par with modern technology for a crisper and edgier tone.

This is a pedal that, in a way, started the trend of transparent overdrives because it had a flatter response than the Tubescreamer, and even though didn’t cut through the mix as well as, it provided a smoother tone reminiscent of a tube amp on the edge of breakup.

In the videos below you can hear the new version and, in some videos, also an A/B comparison between the new and the old one.

The Marshall Bluesbreaker has inspired a lot of other pedals, if you are interested in going deeper check out this article about the Blue Breaker clones and variants.

Marshall BluesBreaker Reissue, Builder’s Notes

The sound of the 1962 ‘Bluesbreaker’ amplifier became a legend, with the smooth tone, rich warmth and full character that gave guitarists more expression than ever before. The original Bluesbreaker pedal took this and put it in a stompbox. Today, this reissue accurately delivers the timeless tones and style once again. It captures the magic of those classic vintage amps with added sweetness, crispness and extra edge to carry solos and squeeze out those vital harmonics.

This classic low-gain drive pedal brings your music to life. By combining vintage, organic drive with natural colour and warmth, the Bluesbreaker gives you earlier breakup and makes your solos tower above the noise.

These pedals have been seen on countless stages since first being introduced in 1992 and are now collector’s pieces and heavily sought after. This faithful reissue is meticulously designed and hand-built at our famous Bletchley factory.

Inspired by the amp used by the legendary Eric Clapton, the Bluesbreaker pedal masters bluesy lead sounds with bags of clarity and sparkle.


9V battery or a 9V DC power adaptor (not included).
1 x 1/4″ jack
1 x 1/4″ jack
Gain, Tone and Volume
110 mm / 4.33″
67 mm / 2.63″
147 mm / 5.78″
0.7kg (without battery)