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New pedalmaker Bucktone Effects is officially on the scene, and shipping its inaugural product, the Black Powder. This distortion/overdrive pedal allows you to break up and compress your signal, while affording you control over the tone of the resulting sound.

In addition to gain and volume knobs, the Black Powder has a three-way compression setting, with the compression becoming more noticeable as you crank up the gain. The girth knob adds some hair to the distortion, and as you turn it clockwise it emphasizes the mids and highs, and removes low end. The hi-cut control rolls off the highs anywhere from 5kHz to 800Hz, while a tight switch will firm up the low end of the signal when engaged.

On a pursuit for perfect tone, owner Caleb Buck went from modifying his own pedals, to doing mods and custom builds for other musicians, and finally designing the Black Powder and founding Bucktone. The pedal was designed as a transparent overdrive that wouldn’t drastically alter the tone that guitarists work so hard to achieve. Committed to producing a dependable product, Caleb takes care of quality control personally:

“I myself build every one of these pedals by hand here in Southwest Missouri. I screen components before assembly and heat shrink pot and mini-switch connections to ensure solid performance. I’d like my company to always remain as hands on as possible and provide the customer with the most personable service available.”

The Black Powder pedal is available now at a discounted price of $160 for a limited time. Check out the following comprehensive video demo to hear what this pedal is capable of. -Mike Bauer