It doesn’t look like this new hand-made Blues Breaker evolution by the dudes at Blammo! Electronics is officially out yet, but since there’s a video of it, it must exist! Enter the Blues Blaster.

The circuit is an updated version of that venerable overdrive, that fixes all the known limitations of the vintage unit (like size, lack of buffer, poor power filtering and voltage protection).

The sonic treat here comes in the shape of a small push button that adds a fair amount of gain and – to say it with the builder –  puts “the Blues Blaster well into distortion territory […] highlighting its penchant for effortlessly summoning sweet, musical feedback.

Check out the video! We added the Blammo! Electronics Blues Blaster to our article about the best Blues Breaker clones and evolutions.

Blammo! Electronics Blues Blaster, Builder’s Notes

The BLAMMO! Electronics Blues Blaster is a modernized take on the classic Marshall Blues Breaker overdrive circuit. Its centerpiece is a miniature pushbutton switch that kicks the gain into high gear, putting the Blues Blaster well into distortion territory, and highlighting its penchant for effortlessly summoning sweet, musical feedback.

Other highlights include no-click relay bypass, enhanced power filtering and voltage protection circuits, an improved output buffer that lets the Blues Blaster play well with other pedals, and a compact, pedalboard-friendly layout. In this demo, I take the Blues Blaster for a spin on both bass and guitar in a mutant punk blues jam, then I get down to business with the control set, digging into every crevice so you can hear the full range of its sultry voice.

Each Blammo! Electronics pedal is made by hand, by a very meticulous fellow, in beautiful Portland, Oregon, America’s Home of Fuzz.