Best New Pedals of 2022 | February Edition

Time for our monthly appointment with the best pedals releases of the previous 30 – or rather, 28 in this case – days. If you are interested in this list you may also want to check out our Year-End Best Pedals of 2021 Aggregate List, and the previous monthly list of the best pedals released in January 2022.

February, this year, was a weird month for pedal releases. We had hardly any digital releases, probably due to the prolonged issues related to semi-conductors? Just one reverb, no digital delays, no modulation pedals, mostly just dirt boxes. Some pretty darn cool ones for that matter!

Because of this, we decided to separate, in our interactive galleries, fuzz pedals from drives and distortions. Dig in  – previous monthly articles like this one can be found here.

As usual, mouseover or first tap on the thumbnails will open a description of the pedal, while a click or a second tap will open a video of the pedal.

Best New Drive and Distortion Pedals released in February 2022

Best New Fuzz Pedals released in February 2022

Best New Non-Gain Pedals released in February 2022

Enjoy and see you next month!

The Folks at Delicious Audio