DPE Pedals Buzz Tone Fuzz

Built by a small, family-run shop in Maryville, Tennessee, the DPE Pedals Buzz Tone is a clone of a fuzz pedal the ’60s that psych-rock enthusiasts among you must have heard thousands of times without realizing: it was the fuzz of choice of Syd Barrett, the reckless genius lead vocalist and guitarist of the very early Pink Floyd. Not to be confused with the Jordan Boss Tone, whose new version is also called “Buzz Tone.”

Built using hand-selected, high-quality components, the DPE Buzz Tone features a modified circuitry that delivers a smoother response throughout the gain ranges and a much-improved floor noise.

There’s also a Voltage selector switch that offers two different headroom settings.

Here are the vidz!

DPE Pedals Buzz Tone Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

We took the old-school Selmer Buzz Tone and recreated a version that not only sounds better, but reacts better. Modified circuitry gives a smoother response throughout the gain ranges. Updated power section reduces floor noise at high gain, and helps keep voltages stable. Voltage selector switch – acts as different head room settings! & more! Check out the videos to see for yourself!

Each pedal has an extensive Germanium Transistor selection process, with each transistor individually tested, and then fully biased.

Pedal Features:

– NOS Hand Selected Germanium Transistors
– WIMA Film Capacitors
– Circuit Voltage Selection – 3V-6V-9V
– Internal Hi-Cut Trim=
– Nichicon Electrolytic Capacitors
– Neutrik Input Jacks
– 9V DC Power Jack (Boss Style)
– Soft Click Footswitch
– True Bypass