Best New Pedals 2023 | March Edition

We had a pretty exciting month last month in the pedal release realm, with a mix of releases from the inspiring but pricey to the super affordable but intriguing.

Chase Bliss and Beetronics stole the scene with, respectively, a significant update to their ambient looper + reverb pedal, and a two-mode chorus like no other.

J. Rockett, a company that makes some of the best-selling Klon Centaur clones, unveiled their next-level “klone,” a device that gives you six Klon clipping flavors and a stock one on a separate channel.

Other interesting releases came from Spaceman FX (an LA2A-style compressor in a box), Fjord (an unusually dynamic fuzz), Crazy Tube Circuits (a RAT/Muff mutant), and Catalinbread (a flanger + reverb), while Sonicake unveiled three larger pedals blending more than one effect, including a multi-modulation one.

There were a few other interesting devices, you can find them all in the following interactive galleries – if you buy, please use the link with the blue icon, because…

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As usual, a mouseover or first tap will open a description of the pedal, while a click or second tap will open a video.

Best Non-Gain Releases in March 2023

Best Gain Releases in March 2023

Best Fuzz Releases in March 2023