Best New Pedals 2023 | May Edition

It’s always interesting to look back at what happened in the recent past to take stock of the state of the “pedalverse,” and that’s exactly what this monthly appointment focused on new releases is here for.

After a slow start, pedal builders in 2023 have started to unveil an increasing number of interesting pedals, once again with dirt box circuits front and center – see the new fuzz by EAE, the Tone Bender variant by Benson Amps, the Andy Timmons mod of the Phat Mod by Keeley, and two distortion pedals catering to the heavy crowd by EHX and Empress.

However, digital effects, whose production has been marred by post-pandemic chip disruption for years now, last month had a good showing thanks to multi-mode modulation devices by Catalinbread and Alexander Pedals (a tremolo and a phaser, respectively), an ’80s rack effect reinterpretation by BOSS, and cool tape machine-inspired device by Fjord Fuzz.

You can hear all these pedals in the interactive galleries below.  As usual, mouse over and first tap will open a pedal description, while click or 2nd tap will open a video.

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