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Philly based TSVG Pedals (another boutique manufacturer involved in our upcoming Summer NAMM Stompbox Exhibit) believe that every circuit is a work of art, and that is why they take the time to build all their pedals point-to-point – and in the US. Quality components found in classic vintage gear are combined with modern circuit designs to produce high quality gain related effects (mostly fuzzes and boosts) that don’t break the bank.

We blogged about TSVG’s latest pedal – the Babbling Flower – here a few weeks ago, so this time around we’ll focus on two of their most popular distortions, the Angry Jeff Fuzz and the Slow Ride Overdrive/Fuzz.

The Angry Jeff is a gritty Germanium fuzz that shares with the other TSVG pedals the lack of signage on the knobs – your regular gain and volume controls are here joined by a BIAS knob that allows you to regulate the voltage sent to the transistors, letting you create gated fuzz tones when the bias is turned clockwise (lo-fi lovers, rejoice!) and super raw fuzz growl when turned counter-clockwise – check the video below for a demo.

The Slow Ride is a more open sounding Overdrive/Fuzz designed for endless sustain and gritty yet articulate over driven tones with a toggle switch acting as a high end filter (the up position cuts most of the bass response).   This true bypass effect features AC 128 germanium transistors and Mullard “Tropical Fish” caps throughout.   Rolling back the attack will let the amp naturally overdrive, while turning it up will get some screaming results – check the video below.