Wilson Effects Angry Goat

D-Style and K-Style overdrives (for the unaware, voiced respectively after the Dumble amplifier and the Klon Centaur Professional Overdrive) are among the most sought-after dirt box devices, in part because the originals are incredibly pricey. The Wilson Effects Angry Goat combines them in a single pedal for just $200.

Both known for their subtlety and dynamic quality, these two circuits can work well together stacked without getting into high-gain territory. The D-Style side offers a moderate overdrive (perfect for blues) with an amp-like tone, while the K side adds a cleaner gain boost. Both sides work well on already overdriven amplifiers, and can be played separately or stacked on top of each other..

The Angry Goat is handmade in Guilford, Indiana, hear how it sounds in the videos below.

The Angry Goat combines two of the most sought after overdrive tones ever into one compact box:

On one side you have the coveted D-Style overdrive and on the other you have the infamous K-Style overdrive. Combine these two together or use either to push your already overdriven amp into tone oblivion!

The D-Style side offers a moderate overdrive that is ideal for subtle to moderate overdrive. Kick in the K side for a boost in drive and heavier playing. Both sides work well on already overdriven amplifiers. So whether you want to hit the front end of your amp or you would like to get the most amp like sounds out of an overdrive you will ever hear the Angry Goat has you covered.

The Angry Goat is powered by a 9vdc 2.1mm center negative power supply. The D side of the pedal is true bypass and the K side retains the buffer that makes this pedal a great addition to your board as it acts as a great signal buffer when in the bypassed position. All of that and it is handmade by me right here in Guilford, Indiana. Like all of our pedals it comes with the standard one-year warranty on parts and labor. If you should happen to have any questions about this pedal or any other Wilson Effects pedal please feel free to contact me through the contact form on Home page of the site.