Analog Alien Rumble Seat

The Analog Alien Rumble Seat is a three-footswitch pedal featuring Overdrive, Delay and a simple one-knob Reverb emulating the vintage spring reverbs of early Fender Black Face amps. Each effect can be turned on or off through its dedicated footswitch.

The drive is extremely flexible and can act as a clean boost at lower levels or a warm amp-in-a-box overdrive, always delivering bite and clarity, while the delay can produce from 25ms to 650ms repeats without weakening the bass response.

Check out this video by 60 Cycle Hum.

Analog Alien Rumble Seat Pedal:
• Multi-effects pedal for electric guitar with Overdrive, Delay and Reverb circuits
• Overdrive section covers everything from subtle tone enhancement to full-on overdrive
• Rich, warm Delay section with delay times from 25ms to 650ms
• Sweet-sounding Reverb circuit designed to sound like a vintage amp reverb
• 9-volt power supply included

Smooth overdrive with extra harmonic richness.
With the overdrive control all the way down, the Rumble Seat acts as a smooth tone enhancer; it also acts as a switchable volume boost. Start turning up the Gain and you’re rewarded with a sweet, tube-like overdrive. Past the 2 o’clock setting, the Gain control reaches its maximum gain amount while continuing to add harmonic richness. Even when cranked to the max, the Overdrive section in the Rumble Seat maintains its definition, bite and clarity.

Vibrant delay from slapback to echoes.
With a delay range of 25ms to 650ms, the delay in the Rumble Seat is ready to dial in a wide range of classic delay effects. Analog Alien designed the delay in the Rumble Seat to keep your guitar’s signal intact, without weakening bass response (like some delay circuits can do).

Classic-sounding reverb to finish off your tone.
Many consider the reverb on a vintage Fender Black Face amp to be “The Holy Grail” of all spring reverbs – and we humbly agree. (We have four vintage Black Face amps at our recording studio, Cloud 9 Recording  – where all of our pedals were born.) The sound is never brittle; it is dark and rich with plenty of shimmer. With this pedal, we’ve created the sweet spring reverb of our favorite vintage tube amplifier. Combined with the outstanding Overdrive and Delay sections, the Reverb circuit in the Rumble Seat is the perfect way to finalize your tone.

How to use the Analog Alien Rumble Seat pedal:

Output knob – controls the direct output level when the Rumble Drive is engaged. The more you turn it up, the more output you send to your amp.

Tone knob –  is very versatile and sensitive. You can dial in the right amount of treble or bass, depending on the guitar you use and its pickups.

Gain knob – controls the amount of gain you send to the circuit.

Delay knob – controls the time of the delay. At full left, the delay time is 25ms. At full right, the delay time is 650ms. The delay circuit is very natural and smooth. If you want to kick it up a notch and give it a bit of attitude, just add in a little Rumble Drive. The one thing that you will notice is that your guitar’s tone will remain full and rich. Some delay circuits rob the guitar of its low end. That doesn’t happen with the Delay on the Rumble Seat. Like a vintage tape delay, the more you overdrive the delay on the Rumble Seat, the sweeter it gets.

Repeat knob – controls the amount of repeats the effect will produce. At full left, only one repeat will be present. At full right, the delay goes to infinity; this setting is more like an effect as the repeats trail over themselves, making the Rumble Seat sound like a space ship taking off!

Mix knob – controls the amount of dry (no effect) and wet (total delay) signals. At full left, only the direct, unaffected signal of the guitar is heard. At full right, only the effected delay sound of the guitar is heard. As with all the controls on the Rumble Seat, set this to suit your taste.

Reverb knob – we don’t believe in making things complicated and the Reverb circuit is a fine example of that philosophy – it has one control that is simple and straightforward. When we voice the reverb in the Rumble Seat, we A/B it every step of the way [with the original circuit found in those amps]. Turn it all the way to the left for no reverb. Turn it all the way to the right, and you get enough reverb to fill the Grand Canyon!