NUX Analog Delay

In the past couple of years, Chinese pedal maker NUX has been releasing some not too subtle (and incredibly affordable) clones of several best-selling classic stompboxes under the rather misleadingly named “Reissue Series” (uhm, reissues of pedals… made by other builders?). Nothing wrong with cloning (almost everyone does it) we are just a little perplexed by the use of the “reissue” word.

Even just the color of their Analog Delay betrays the influence of classic Ibanez / Maxon three-knob Bucket Brigade Device delays from the ’80s. That’s exactly what you get with this pedal: the warm repeats of the 3205 and 3102 BBD chips, for just under $60!

You can judge from the videos below if the Nux Analog Delay sounds as good as the units that inspired it. We added this pedal to our list of the Best Analog Delay Pedals.