It seems like the new trend for guitar pedals is to go after the quality of high end studio effects… think about what Strymon and Eventide are doing in the stompbox department, or the genius idea JHS had with the Color Box – an analog recreation of a legendary, vintage Neve circuit.

Speaking of high end studios, one vintage piece of gear you’ll find in almost all of them is a Urei 1176 compressor (or “peak limiter, to be precise) – or one of the more recent recreations. These rack mounted babies use discrete class circuitry to deliver peak limiting famous for its versatility, character, bite, and bright overtones.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a portable version of this legend to give your guitar’s tone the 1176 “treatment” while performing? It would, it would indeed… and for $279, Oxfordshire, UK manufacturer Origin Effects actually lets you do just that with their new Cali76 Compressor.

Sticking to exactly the principles that inspired the original, these Brits squeezed this exceptional compressor into a smaller stompbox package that’s more portable and easier to use. The simplified controls let you access a great range of sounds almost instantly, and the 3:1 space saving means this pedal can be housed on even the most congested of pedalboards.

Check out the video of the Cali76 below, and the other Origin Effects product line here.