Russian guitar pedal manufacturer Beard Custom has designed a unique take on reverb, in the form of the Reverber pedal. While this stompbox can produce very pleasant reverb sounds like spring and plate, what sets this unit apart is the on-board effect loop. It’s possible to get some crazy sounds from experimenting with different pedals in the loop. For example, looking for a shimmer effect? Run an octave pedal to produce those chiming tones.

The controls are pretty straightforward – ‘Dwell’ adjusts the tail of the reverb, ‘Tone’ acts as an EQ, ‘Volume’ is an output volume knob, ‘Mix’ adjusts the dry/wet effect blend, ‘Looplevel’ adjusts the volume of whatever is in the effect loop, and the toggle switch allows for bypassing of the effects loop.

If you’re looking for a spanky Fender amp-like reverb, this pedal is a solid choice. It’s not a hugely versatile reverb in terms of types, but there are endless sonic horizons to explore via the unique effect loop idea. – Brandon Stoner