UAFX 1176 Compression Pedal

Based on what’s in all likelihood the most popular studio compressor of all times (the Urei 1176), the Universal Audio UAFX 1176 is a pedal, digital version of that unit that’s about 1/20th the size of the original – which is also sold by the US company in a modernized hardware version and also in plugin format.

Belonging to their line of smaller and more streamlined pedals appropriately called UAFX Compacts, the 1176 put that iconic, transparent, extremely versatile Urei compression at the tips of your toes, replicating the controls of the original including Attack and Release knobs and the Ratio options allowing for more or less compression and also limiting in the “ALL” setting.

This version of it goes even further thanks to a 3-way toggle switch providing 3 modes:

  1. Single: regular behavior
  2. Dual: simulates the effect of running your signal into two units wired in parallel, creating a compressed crunch
  3. Sustain: delivers longer sustain, great for solos

Two extra switches on the back of the pedal activate/deactivate a buffer and parallel compression mode, which lets some of the clean signal leak under the compressed one, for a more dynamic tone.

Check out the videos of it!

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UAFX 1176 Compression Pedal, Builder’s Notes

Introduced in 1967, the Universal Audio 1176 remains the king of audio limiting, heard on more classic records than any other compressor. Built on the powerful UAFX engine, the 1176 Studio Compressor delivers the same punchy, expressive tones of the world-renowned hardware, now in a compact stompbox.

  • Put the most authentic emulation of the legendary 1176 studio compressor on your pedalboard
  • Use Single, Dual, and Sustain modes for iconic compression tones and effects
  • Find your sound fast with simple controls faithful to the original hardware
  • Rely on timeless UA craftsmanship, built for stage and studio

Get Three World-Famous Sounds in a Single Pedal
From the subtle squeeze of a single 1176 to the endless sustain of two units in parallel à la Lowell George or the compressed crunch of Led Zeppelin IV, you can get the same iconic tones and effects heard on thousands of classic records with a trio of legendary 1176 setups

Punch up and Elevate your Clean Tones
From slithery ’70s slide to chicking picking and funk, 1176 Studio Compressor gives you iconic squeeze for any genre. With simple Attack and Release controls, plus infinite Ratio settings and infamous “all buttons in” for smashed sounds, you’ll get classic tones, and tons more.

Pack Classic Compression from Stage to Studio
Built for decades of dependable performance on stage and in studio, 1176 Studio Compressor gives you switchable true/buffered bypass and a parallel compression mode in a compact pedalboard-friendly enclosure — so you can elevate your effects chain in a snap.