Amptweaker‘s newest pedal is the TightBoost, a boost pedal with some nifty extras built-in. Along with True-Bypass, the TightBoost comes with four controls: Boost, High, Mid, and Tight. While the Boost and High controls do what you expect them to, the Mid features a parked wah tone that increases gradually when the control is cranked past 12 o’ clock. A switch below the Mid control lets you choose between two frequencies for the wah, one is a ‘classic throaty wah tone’ while the other sounds ‘pushed forward.’ These were the two favorite frequencies selected by local guitarists at the Nashville Amp Expo.

The Tight control adjusts between a smooth, looser sound and a more aggressive and focused tone. You can achieve a wide array of tones by setting the Boost knob anywhere from clean to tube-like breakup and then adjusting the other three controls. Amptweaker makes things even more interesting with the addition of an effects loop on the back of the pedal, allowing you to add compression, EQ, delay or distortion – all of which can be set to Pre or Post the Tighboost via a switch underneath the unit. Check out this excellent demo of the pedal in action with James Brown of Amptweaker. –Mike Bauer