OPFXS Twin Boost

Hailing from Italy, the OPFXS Twin Boost is a dual, digitally controlled, Midi enabled, analog boost with 3 preset slots offering up to 24 db of clean gain.

Its two channels can operate in either Joing or Separate mode.

In Joint mode, the gain setting evenly applies to both channels, facilitating stereo output from a stereo signal source, while Separate Mode enables independent gain control for each channel, offering the flexibility of a stereo boost with individual boost adjustments or the simulation of two distinct booster pedals at different points in your pedal chain.

In Joint mode you can engage the Gain Step function, permitting incremental gain adjustments from 1dB to 24dB using the left footswitch. The gain change can be configured to occur instantly or gradually over a specified time period, customizable by the user.

The F1 and F2 mini buttons on the top right of the pedal provide access to various pedal settings, including the choice between Joint/Separate modes, Preset/Gain Step modes, preset quantity, gain time factor, gain step factor, and MIDI input channel.