The JHS Legends of Fuzz line just almost doubled in size, with the release of three new circuits inspired, just like the first four, by the most influential fuzz designs of all times.

While the first four releases were clones of what are undoubtedly the most popular vintage fuzz circuits (Muff, Tone Bender, Super-Fuzz and Fuzz Face), the new releases are replicas of fuzzes that have some sort of “cult” status among guitarists, although the term “obscure” is more appropriate for some of them.

Here’s the list:

  1. Berkley
    A recreation of the 1973 Fresh Fuzz
  2. Mary-K
    A replica of the 1969 Kay Fuzz Tone
  3. Plugin
    A stompbox recreation of the 1967 Boss Tone, a plugin fuzz

The Kansas City builder took the opportunity presented by this release to introduce another new device that simulates a dying 9v battery (the Volture Voltage Controller), a trick often used by guitarists with some fuzz pedals to starve their circuits and get sputtery and gated sounds.

Here are a few videos about all of them, full coverage focused on every single pedal here.

JHS Legends of Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The “Legends Of Fuzz” series is a collection of the world’s most historic, rare, and sought after circuits.

At JHS, fuzz pedals have been in our lineup for over a decade. We have designed original circuits, replicated classics, and we have seen the trend of fuzz popularity come and go. The “Legends Of Fuzz” series is our tribute to the most important fuzz circuits ever made. It is our way of ensuring that the stories of these effects live on in the music that you are going to make. From the earliest days of fuzz in the mid-60s London scene to the 1990s ex-Soviet military factories that brought the Big Muff back to life, fuzz tells a story, and that story includes guitarists just like you. There is nothing more primitive than plugging your guitar into a vintage fuzz circuit; it is raw, untamed, and so pure that it pushes the boundaries of what your instrument can accomplish. Plug into a fuzz and plug into sixty years of beautifully broken sound.