JHS legends of fuzz

JHS Pedals unveiled a new series of guitar pedals that’s likely to trigger spontaneous geargasms in vintage pedal lovers. The Legends of Fuzz are – for now – four faithful recreations of classic, extremely rare fuzz pedals. In the presentation YouTube video (streaming below) the company is asking suggestions for future models, so we can expect more to come.

Here are the four models, each link goes to the section in the video discussing it:

  1. Crimson Fuzz
    a recreation of the “Mike Matthews’ Red Army Overdrive
  2. Bender Fuzz
    a recreation of the Sola Sound Tone Bender MkIII “onomatopoeia”
  3. Supreme Fuzz
    a recreation of the Univox Super Fuzz
  4. Smiley Fuzz
    a recreation of the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face

In the gallery below, click or tap twice on the images to open the separate videos for each pedal by Living Room Gear.

Here are the videos tackling the whole series.