BLAMMO! Electronics Total Garbage Fuzz

A device conceived for the truly devoted fuzz connoisseurs, the BLAMMO! Electronics Total Garbage Fuzz is a circuit inspired by an old stompbox that has surged to cult status: Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face.

This is a gnarly fuzz with a synthy tone thanks to the added envelop filter and octave-down circuits. The Blammo! team added a Splatter footswitch that – from what we understand based on the first video os the pedal – opens up the filter.

Apart from Level, the controls are nondescriptive – here’s what they do:

Stank: Sensitivity control that controls the amount of resonance applied to the fuzz, and it’s directly linked to the intensity of effect produced by the Splatter footswitch.

Spoil: A knob that controls the stability of the oscillations, ranging from smooth to randomly bleeping/gated.

Freak: A tone control that selects the frequency boosted by the Stank (resonance) control.

Here’s the first video of BLAMMO! Electronics Total Garbage Fuzz!

BLAMMO! Electronics Total Garbage Fuzz, Builder’s Notes

The BLAMMO! Electronics Total Garbage is a gnarly, synthy fuzz that traces its roots back to the legendary DIY circuit, Tim Escobedo’s Ugly Face, taking it a few steps further into the experimental realm while adding some modern, pedalboard-friendly upgrades. In this demo video I put the Total Garbage through its paces on both bass and guitar in a full band context, then I dig into the control set and let you hear the full range of ruckus this filthy bastard can generate.