Eastwood BB-01 Manalishi Drive

One-sixth of a new line of pedals unveiled in early 2022 by the established guitar builder, the Eastwood BB-01 Manalishi Drive is a simple 3-knob take on the Tube Screamer overdrive circuit.

Compared to the original, the Manalishi drive has a wider gain range, easily getting into distortion territory at high gain levels.

The Tone control affects the Drive depending on the settings, contributing to a dirtier, amp-like crunch when turned anticlockwise to highlight the low-mids. When the knob is turned clockwise it delivers more traditional TS tones with the classic high-mid hump.

You can hear the Eastwood BB-01 Manalishi Drive in action in the videos below. We added it to our article about the best Tube Screamer pedals, clones and variants.

Eastwood BB-01 Manalishi Drive, Builder’s Notes

You can’t have a Drive pedal that hints at ‘Green’ in its name without knowing that it’s a nod to the TS circuit, right? Well, yes, that’s right…but the MANALISHI DRIVE is designed to be a hybrid of the TS and an ‘amp in a box’. It can be your ‘Channel 2’ pedal into a clean amp just as easily as it can be your ‘Solo’ pedal into a clean or driven amp.

Power: The BB-01 can be powered by a standard 9V center?negative AC adapter or internal 9V battery.

• Circuit: Analog
• Bypass: True Bypass
• Audio: Mono
• Power Supply: 9V (optional add-on)
• Dimensions: 1.75″ x 2.75″ x 4.9″ (4.5cm x 7cm x 12.5cm)